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About Moderators.Individual.NET

Moderators.Individual.NET is one of several servers relaying Usenet articles posted to moderated newsgroups, to the respective moderators for approval.

What is a moderators relay?

There are thousands of moderated discussion groups on usenet, each of which has one or several moderators who will screen incoming messages, delete spam and approve those on topic for the group, according to their moderation policy. On the other end, there are thousands of news servers where users might post an article to a moderated group, yet this article cannot be injected into the standard flow of articles between news servers because it needs to be run by the designated moderators first (via email).

This is where moderators relays come in: Instead of maintaining an ever-changing list of thousands of moderator email addresses on thousands of news servers, a generic submission address can be generated from the newsgroup name. Emails to this address, whether they originate from news servers or regular mail clients, will be handled by servers such as moderators.individual.net and relayed on to the correct recipient.

"You are sending me SPAM, I will report your server to $blacklist!"

Please don't do that - it'll only harm yourself and other moderators. As a relay, we are supposed to forward you everything we receive for you. The address that should be blacklisted, and that you should filter on, is the one of the server that delivered the mail to moderators.individual.net (ie, one set of Received: lines further down).

I have a problem with moderators.individual.net

For all issues regarding the operation of moderators.individual.net, please direct yourself to news@individual.net

If you're a moderator and want to change your submission address, or hand over moderation of the group to somebody else, please contact ISC at moderators-request@isc.org

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